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Normally I post a reminder a day in advance, but life has been a little busy 🙂 TODAY our little love bug is 11 months told!!! Praise GOD! Please consider taking some special time to pray specifically for her healing. It would be such a blessing to our family. I also believe that these “days of prayer” on the 29th of every month truly honor the Lord because it is our way of acknowledging His power and sovereignty.

Karis has been doing well since her surgery. Her incision site and g-tube insertion site both look very clean and seem to be healing well. Stretching her stomach back out to its previous capacity has been a painfully slow process, but we’re trying to be patient! We typically feed her and then 30 minutes later have to pull the entire feeding back out to release the air that has been created from digestion… then we put it all back again.

The biggest concern in the healing process is that a few nights ago Karis actually spit up what looked like light brown coffee grounds. For those of you in the medical field you know that’s never good because it typically means a GI bleed. I have noticed little light brown specks in her GI contents every day, but she doesn’t seem to be in any distress. I spoke with her surgeon’s nurse and she said to monitor Karis, but if she doesn’t have any other symptoms she should be okay. =/ Please pray that all is well in her little tummy and that the little specks are nothing serious.

Karis seems to be a lot happier since her surgery. She is moving around much more (kicking her legs and doing arm circles) and she wakes up from naps MUCH more gracefully than she used to (ie. no screaming!). Praise God!

Trevor will be starting a Leadership course at RTS in a few weeks and then in July he will battle Summer Greek. Until then we are thrilled to have some much needed family time.

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. They NEVER get old 🙂

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Karis’ First Swim!

Hello Everyone!

This week the Medunas were kind enough to let us use their pool for Karis’ first swim. She floated in the pool for about an HOUR and didn’t make a peep (after the initial cold of the pool). I think Miss Karis is a water baby! Hope you enjoy:

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Karis’ New Bath

Hi Everyone 🙂

Just thought I’d share a video from bath time tonight. Hope you enjoy!

Love, Katie

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Praise The Lord

Hi everyone!! So sorry I haven’t updated you on Karis lately. We’ve been busy!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your earnest prayers for her healing. Karis is doing phenominally well. She hasn’t had any pain medicine for the surgery since discharge and she seems extremely content. Since we have been home she has been kicking her legs, moving her arms, and rubbing her face. I can’t figure out how the surgery would have sparked this movement because she is getting less nutrition than she did before the procedure…though we are diligently trying to work our way back up to her goal intake. There might be a medical explanation for this new head control and limb movement, but I know that God uses many means to accompllish His will and we will give Him all glory no matter what.

Of course any time I turn on the video camera she stops squirming and just stares at the camera. So until I can convince her to move while I’m taping her, I’ll leave you with pictures from our dress up 🙂


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Home sweet home

Hello wonderful friends and family,

Thank you for being so faithful to pray for us and check for “Karis Updates” through the surgery saga. Yesterday we were FINALLY sent home!! See Exhibit A below:

It was so nice to sleep in our own bed! A week of the hospital bed-chair was leaving our backs a little sore! Since we haven’t reached our target calorie intake yet I had to wake up several times last night to maintain her continuous feeding. The goal is to stretch her stomach back to the size it was before the surgery so that she can get all her nutrition during the day and she won’t have to be on the pump at night.

As those of you who have managed G-Tubes before know, one of the most frustrating things about them is that the contents of Karis’ stomach depends completely on us. Her ability to burp is inadequate because of the Nissen procedure, so if she has extra air in her tummy she is relying on us to get it out for her. ALSO, if we over-feed her she doesn’t have a way to get rid of the excess food, so we have to be extremely sensitive to all of her signals. (It’s not like she can say, “Mom, Dad, the stomach’s feeling a little too full!”) Please pray for wisdom for Trevor and I as we manage her G-Tube. I’m sure that we’ll adjust to it as Karis adjusts.

I also wanted to let you know that we got the little “Pray for Karis” magnets in! They are adorable, convenient, business card-sized magnets and I would LOVE to give you some 🙂

Just to give you a visual of our hospital stay, I’ve included a picture of our Date Night with the Whites!

Love, Katie

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Post-Op Day 4

Miss Karis has had a pretty good day at Batson today. This whole video was taken today and I wanted to share it with you to show you how WELL she is doing! She has her sweet little sassypants personality back!

We had a scare this morning (around 4am) when her temperature dropped drastically. Thankfully, we were able to warm her up. Please pray for no more temperature scares!

We continued giving her 1 ounce feedings of Pediasure every three hours today and tried to slowly increase the amount given at each feeding. When we increased the feeding to 1.5 ounces Karis’ belly got swollen. Right when I was about to call the nurse, Karis’ surgeon came in to check on her. She started gagging and wretching and we immediately unclamped her g-tube to release the pressure in her stomach (which went all over the bed!). After that episode the doctors decided that we hold off on all feedings for about 6 hours. We just started a continuous feeding with a pump (just like with the NG tube) that will give her small amounts throughout the night. I am a little apprehensive about this because continuous night feeds did not work well at all when Karis had her NG tube. Her tummy just cannot metabolize the food fast enough for it to be going in continuously.

Please pray that her continuous feeding goes well tonight so she can get some much needed nutrition and rest!

Since we’ve had a hiccup with the feedings it looks like they are going to keep us in the hospital at least one extra day, meaning we won’t get to go home until Saturday or Sunday 😦 Pray for patience!!! I’ve started walking/jogging the stairwell in the hospital to relieve a little tension. You know you’ve been in the hospital too long when you start getting an exercise routine down!

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Post-Op Day 3

Today has been busy, but productive. The doctors moved us from the second floor, under more intense supervision, to the fifth floor, under less supervision. That’s a good sign because it means Karis is recovering well, but it sure was a pain to move rooms!

We started Pedialyte feedings in the G-Tube today and eventually graduated to Pediasure because she did so well on Pedialyte. We gave her one ounce of Pediasure (like Ensure for babies) and it gave her a little tummy ache. The prescription was to give her 2 ounces of Pediasure every 3 hours, but the nurse and I decided that was a little too ambitious for Miss Karis. Tonight we are going to try 1 ounce every 3 hours and see how she tolerates it. Please pray it goes well!!

Her pain management has been much better. We all got much more sleep last night! Less Morphine has been needed today opposed to yesterday, which hopefully means she’s recovering well.

Tomorrow the nutritionists should come advise us on Karis’ feedings and give us some concrete goals to achieve. I’m very excited because I really love goals. Her stomach shrank considerably due to the Nissen procedure and the nurse explained that feedings will probably be a little uncomfortable until we get her tummy stretched back out. Please pray for wisdom as we try to increase her nutrition. I don’t want her to be uncomfortable, but she needs to grow!

Thank you for your devotion to our family, and especially to Karis. We feel your prayers.

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Post-op Day 2

Well, we had a pretty rough night last night. Apparently getting the Morphine dosage just right on a little baby is a tricky thing and physicians would much rather err on the side of caution. Poor little Karis literally cried the entire night. Around 5am the attending physician came by to check on her and approved Torodol and her maximum dose of Morphine. She finally fell asleep and we are encouraging her to sleep as long as possible so she can heal.

Her surgeon came by to check on her this morning and he thinks that, considering the night we had last night, it would probably be best to not try anything through her new g-tube today. We are going to feed her orally and let her tell us when “enough is enough.” I’m sure she will be relieved to get a little something by mouth because she has been sucking her little cheeks for about 24 hours now.

I will keep you posted.

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update from the hospital

Though it is late, I feel as though I owe you an update… all 675 blessed one of you who came to the website to check on Karis today.

I called her precious pediatrician on his cell phone at 9pm and, through many tears, explained our crisis. He came to the hospital to rescue us. Apparently Karis was getting about 1/3 of the therapeutic dose of Morphine, so we fixed that first. Her bladder was distened, so we did an in-and-out catheter to empty her bladder for her. Next, I suggested that we check placement on the massively huge NG tube (reference the video from the earlier post) in her nose because I could hear the suction noise way too loudly. It turns out that the tube had slipped and was suctioning the back of her throat instead of her gastic contents!! Soooo, we took that out and I cleaned her little nose out with a suction.

It is just after 11pm as I write this and as I’m looking at Karis she has her little eyes closed and is making little grunting noises and sucking her cheeks. I know she’s starving from not being allowed any food, but hopefully we’ll get through the night without a hitch.

To say “thank you” doesn’t even begin to cover it.


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please pray- post op

Karis is not doing very well this evening. She has been crying for almost 3 hours straight. We have given her two doses of Morphine and the effects last for about 10 minutes. She is also struggling to breathe, as she only has one available nostril and is very congested. Also, she has only had one wet diaper today and is not crying tears, meaning she is quite dehydrated.

I am feeling very, very frustrated and just want to cry because I don’t know how to help her. Please pray that the discomfort subsides and that the Lord would calm her.

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