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Growing Pains

Not for Karis… but her website has now officially moved to http://karisalmy.com/. Please update your rss feed subscription links to http://karisalmy.com/feed/ for all the latest about Karis. Thanks so much for your support!

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Hi friends!

Today we had a great surprise when we went to therapy! Our BINGO CHAIR and VersaForm pillow had been delivered! The Bingo is almost a cross between a stroller and a wheelchair. Mr. Will (our fearless Chair Guy) and Corinne (physical therapist superstar) spent over an hour tweaking the Bingo to fit Karis just right. The VersaForm pillow is a huge pillow that can be conformed to any shape you would like. Once it is in the desired shape you suck all the air out and it becomes very hard and holds the form. Corinne worked diligently to form the pillow into a chair for Karis to sit in! I will be sure to post pictures of our little lady in her new equipment tomorrow.

I continue to be blown away by God’s kindness towards us. Though a chair and a pillow seem like small provisions, they will make a huge impact in Karis’ life. This, of course, means that they will make a huge impact in her parents’ lives!
The chair enables her to sit up like her peers do so that she can play with her toys more readily, breathe easier, and sit in proper alignment so that her scoliosis does not worsen.

Yes, I am aware that the God who spoke the universe into being has the power to remove my daughter’s illness as I am typing this. However, I also realize that, at least for now, He has chosen not to. Today, He has chosen to show Himself faithful by providing a chair and a pillow and if I did not rejoice in that blessing I would be missing the point.
God is not good IF He completely heals Karis.
God IS good. He defines it in His very being and we yield to His definition, not our own.
God is not faithful IF we are financially provided for and all our physical needs are met.
God IS faithful. He provides all we need to make it through each day, whether we choose to recognize Him or not.

Psalm 115:3 says,
“Our God is in the heavens;
he does all that he pleases”

His choices might not make sense to us, but that is okay because we see dimly. What matters is that my Lord knows my needs and He is initmately acquainted with my heart and my thoughts. Today I needed a chair and a pillow for my little girl. I needed to see her SIT UP like a one-year-old and put her hands on a table. Something so small, and yet our amazing God knew… so He provided.

I still pray every day that He will take away the Krabbe and I will pray it every day that she still has this horrible disease. However, I also don’t want to waste it. This is what He has allowed and it must be for a reason, so we will choose to glorify Him and wonder what He is doing. I cannot tell Him I’m grateful for Krabbe because that would be a lie. I’m grateful for what He is teaching me about Himself through Krabbe… and today I am grateful for a Bingo.

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