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Hello everyone.  Today was a little bit more difficult as Karis threw up twice this morning. Katie believes she is lactose intolerant, but it is hard not to see the nausea as just another reminder that our baby has Krabbe’s. Something I rediscovered today is how indebted I am to my wife. Watching her take care of Karis I am reminded how impatient, narcissistic, and indolent I am. That’s nice, isn’t it? But the other side to that is that by watching her I catch glimpses of the Savior. Katie lives vicariously through Karis. Karis’ every pain, hunger, and need becomes Katie’s. In much the same way, Christ is our Nurturer who sympathizes with our weaknesses, satisfies us with his goodness, and always lives to make intercession for us (Heb. 4:15, 7:25). My wife’s actions are a constant reminder to me of her submission to Christ and his sanctifying work in her life. Boasting of her sacrifical love for Karis is a boasting in the cross because I know that apart from Christ’s death and resurrection and the Spirit’s gracious work in her life, she would have no ability or desire for this kind of selfless love. Thanks be to God!

Karis just threw up for the third time today. As I go to help Katie, let me end by requesting you to pray for the Lord to provide more grace!

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Talitha, cumi* (A Poem from Father to Daughter)

Sleeping with pink eyelids sealed shut,

she reaches

reaches up

for something that cannot be grasped. 

Dad descends,

his silhouette shape shaping

thoughts on the wall:

finger painting, sketches, grafitti art.

He tip toes the balance beam  around her pack ‘n play, 

humming a melody, hoping in a moment 

as sound converges with words to form

sentences, lyrics, a song even.

This morning, any morning,

with the sun in the sky

like the center of an egg,

there is a train whistle

which is a fife that

summons the deaf to

tap, tap, tap

their feet.

Dad opens his hands, palms flat and featureless

while she opens her eyes and gazes

into fragments of light  

and reaches for another, who will whisper

in her ear: “Talitha, cumi.”                                   

*Talitha, cumi means, “little girl, arise.” See Mark 5:41.

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