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February 15

We are very much in need of your prayers today.  Karis vomited last night and this morning.  She is extremely lethargic and will not focus on anything with her eyes.  When she is awake her eyes stay half way closed.  PLEASE PLEASE pray for improvement.  Pray that the Lord would restore her energy and that she will have an appetitie and keep her food down.  I feel very blue on days like today.  It’s hard to be joyful and hopeful when she is doing so poorly.  I’m asking the Lord to allow this to be a temporary setback.  I would be extremely grateful if you would join me in this prayer.  He can heal her.  Ask Him to extend His mercy to sweet little Karis.  Thank you.

With hope,


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February 12th

Trevor was diagnosed with the swine flu yesterday.  Katie and Karis are following doctor’s orders and heading to Mobile.  Join us in praying for a speedy recovery for Trevor and that Karis and Katie will not get the flu!

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There are some things on my heart I’d like to ask for prayer for. 

Let’s start with Miss Karis first.  We started her on Klonopin (an anti-seizure med to help with muscle rigidity) at the beginning of the month.  At first she was on half of a dose and for the past 2 nights I have graduated her to the full dose.  Two of the side effects with this medication is exhaustion and lethargy.  Karis is DEFINITELY struggling with both of those side effects.  She has been like a little blob-o-baby today.  This was really upsetting to me at first, but I know it’s just the Klonopin and I don’t need to get bent out of shape about it.  Please pray that she will adjust to this medicine so it will have a therapeutic effect and the lethargy will subside. 

Additionally, our little love is growing longer, but she’s not growing any heavier =(  She is getting 20 ounces a day but it’s not enough for a growing soon-to-be seven month old!  (Especially one who tends to vomit.)  We are going to try to switch from Enfamil ProSobee soy formula to a higher calorie formula and see if it helps her gain some weight. Please pray for wisdom as we make decisions about Karis’ diet and feeding needs.  Each day presents new challenges and we always want to do what’s best to facilitate growth and development for our little love.  Please pray that the Lord will guide us in how to accomplish our nutrition goals.

My next prayer request is for Trevor.  He is starting classes next week and will be taking 15 hours this semester.  In the mean time he is trying to finish up final exams from LAST semester.  Please pray that Trevor will have Godly descernment this semester and manage his study time, family time, and work time in a way that will glorify the Lord.  Please pray that God will provide Trevor with opportunities to study and that he will finish the previous semester well.

As for me, please pray that the Lord will give me a steady heart.  Lately I have found that my emotions are easily influenced by what I see or what people say they are observing about Karis as opposed letting my emotions be influenced by the Truth and by a God who NEVER CHANGES.  PLEASE pray that God will give me daily time in His Word and allow that to be my strength, not the opinions of man or the performance of my daughter. 

Thank you sweet friends.  He hears.  Never hesitate to share your prayer requests with us!  We love you!


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